Bespoke Cakes

Some of the Best Bespoke Cakes London has to Offer

The Jack and Beyond team can help you create the bespoke cake of your dreams. Our expert bakers have the experience, passion and creativity to work with you to deliver the perfect cake for your wedding, birthday or celebration.

Bespoke Cake Consultation

Our bespoke cake service involves a consultation with you to discuss what you are looking for so we can create the perfect cake for you. This consultation involves agreeing on things like serving size, flavours (you can even have different flavours in every tier!) and when the cake will be delivered. 

The products above are available to order and demonstrate the precision, creativity and sheer awesomeness that will be used to make your cake. Send us an email to to enquire about flavour and size options. Please note that there is a 2 week lead time on bespoke cakes.

Bespoke Cake FAQs

What is a bespoke cake?

A bespoke cake is a cake that has been made specifically for a special event, celebration or occasion. It will be unique and customised specifically for the customer and often match the theme of the occasion.

The level of customisation of a bespoke cake will vary depending on the needs of the client but everything from the theme and colours used in the cake design to the flavours and cake topper can be customised.

How much does a bespoke cake cost?

Bespoke cake prices can vary depending the level of customisation desired, how big you want the cake to be and how much advance notice you are giving the bespoke cake company. Please get in touch with the Jack and Beyond team today to discuss your unique requirements and to get more information on how much it will cost.

What occasions are bespoke cakes for?

Any occasion that you want to celebrate can be improved by a bespoke cake! Creations can be made to match your theme or decorations and adapted to cater to your particular tastes and style. We specialise in offering cakes for a wide range of occasions including:

To discuss your unique requirements, please get in touch.

How are Jack and Beyond cakes created?

Our delightfully fluffy sponge cakes are decorated with the freshest ingredients like creamy mascarpone or vanilla frosting and topped with the most appealing finishes such as fresh raspberry jam or dairy-free ganache.

Many of our most popular recipes have been crafted by award winning pastry chef Daniel Fletcher (previously held the Dessert Product Developer position at M&S and has experience from 5 star hotels and Michelin star restaurants).

We prepare and make your cake in our Fulham shop ready to be delivered to you for your special event.

Find out more about the ordering process by reading our new guide to buying a bespoke cake online.

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