About us

  Jack and Beyond is offering quality coffee and custom cakes at reasonable prices. Quality customer satisfaction is ensured through attractive in-house
rewards and efficient operations. With a "penalty fee" on disposable cups and our own branded re-usable Jack Cup we also aim to be an environmentally
friendly business.

  Our Loyalty Scheme is different from the standard procedure: Instead of having to carry a loyalty card with them all the time, customers draw a card from a
French playing card deck next to the till when paying. If they draw the Jack card, they instantly receive a reward (e.g. a free slice of cake or a free coffee). Not
only does this save our customers from yet another card in their wallet, it also makes every visit to Jack and Beyond an engaging and exciting experience.
Most of our recipes made by Award winning Pastry Chef, Daniel Fletcher who held the position of Dessert Product Developer for M&S and also worked various 5 star hotels and Michelin starred restaurants.

  When it comes to cakes, we have creative not only in the name. We aim to bring playfulness and creativity into the cake business with a Bespoke Cake
Consultation Service and cake designs that go beyond a simple message with toppings and sprinkles. With Jack and Beyond you can make your personal
cake dream come true.