Low Sugar Cakes

Less Sugar - all the Flavour! 

Whether you are looking for a sugar reduced treat for health or dietary reasons or because you simply prefer your cakes less sweet, we've got you covered with our selection of Low Sugar Cakes. With this range we are focusing on reducing the amount of refined sugar in favour of natural sweeteners such as honey or fruit. Our Low Sugar Cakes are baked freshly to order with high-quality ingredients such as British Dairy, fresh fruit and free-range eggs.  

Personalise your Low Sugar Cake 

We offer hand-piped inscriptions if you would like to add a personal touch to your cake. Choose any message in your preferred colour to go on top of our Low Sugar Vanilla Cake or on the cake board in front of our Reduced Sugar Vanilla Cheesecake.  

London Delivery for Low Sugar Cakes

We can deliver our sugar reduced cakes right to your doorstep for London based customers. Our delivery days are Monday - Saturday and all Jack & Beyond cakes are delivered by a member of staff with an electric car. 

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