The Story of our Personalised Cake Designs at Jack & Beyond

Creativity is really important to us at Jack and Beyond, which is why we call ourselves a “Creative Cake & Coffee Shop”.

The story of our personalised cake designs.

When we were developing our recipes and design ideas for the cakes early on, we decided that we wanted to aim for a distinctive look with options for personalisation.

Our goal was to create designs that were unique and yet affordable for our customers and would distinguish us clearly from other bakeries in terms of style.

Read more below about our creative process and the two principles we based most of our beautiful cake designs on:

1. Asymmetry

Something we noticed straight away when we were researching cake designs is that most bakeries offering frosted celebration cakes either go for a standard round “border” (made of e.g. sprinkles, fruit, chocolate…), leaving the middle of the cake empty to add a personalised message if available, or the top of the cake is completely covered with treats such as cookies, meringues or candy.

To distinguish ourselves from these classic looks, we decided to use an asymmetrical design on all of our cakes meaning that half of the cake is covered and the other half can then be used for a personal message or remain as it is.

When searching for asymmetrical shapes or patterns, we particularly took a liking to the shape of a crescent moon and decided to use it as the standard design for our Frosted Cakes as it creates a very elegant look.

2. Inspiration from the World of Art

With the standard designs finished, we began our search for ideas for our range of personalised cake designs.

Many of our team members have a keen interest in art and enjoy visiting a gallery or even make art themselves. Therefore, we turned to Art as a source of inspiration and based some of our final designs on the style of some of the greatest artists in history such as Kandinsky, van Gogh and Friedensreich Hundertwasser.

Jack and Beyond "Kandinsky" Design

Kandinsky Figure Study

Jack & Beyond "Bird" Design

Hundertwasser Trees

Jack & Beyond "Sunflower" Design

Vincent van Gogh Sunflowers

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