Matcha: An underrated baking ingredient

Matcha, a finely ground powder of specially grown and processed green tea leaves, is not only a popular beverage but also a versatile ingredient in baking. We have also created a Matcha Brownie and a Matcha Cookie. Moreover one of our best selling product is a Matcha Cake! Discover how to harness the unique flavours and health benefits of matcha in your baked goods with these expert tips.

What is Matcha and Why Use it in Baking?

Matcha is packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, making it a healthy addition to your baking recipes. Its vibrant green colour and earthy flavour can elevate the taste and appearance of various baked treats.

Choosing the Right Matcha

When selecting matcha for baking, opt for high-quality ceremonial grade matcha for the best results. This grade of matcha offers a vibrant colour and rich flavour profile that will shine through in your baked goods.

Adjusting Recipes for Matcha

When incorporating matcha into your recipes, consider the intensity of its flavour and adjust the amount accordingly. Start with a small amount and gradually increase to achieve the desired taste without overpowering other ingredients.

Enhancing Flavour and Colour

To enhance the flavour and colour of matcha in your baked goods, consider pairing it with complementary ingredients such as white chocolate, citrus zest, or coconut. These additions can balance the earthy notes of matcha and create a harmonious flavour profile.

Baking Techniques with Matcha

When baking with matcha, be mindful of its delicate nature. Avoid high temperatures that can cause the matcha to become bitter. Opt for gentle mixing techniques to preserve the vibrant colour and flavour of the matcha in your final product.

Experimenting with Matcha

Don't be afraid to get creative with matcha in your baking. Try incorporating it into a variety of recipes, from cookies and cakes to muffins and scones. The possibilities are endless when it comes to exploring the unique flavours of matcha.

By following these expert tips and techniques, you can unlock the full potential of matcha in your baking endeavors. Elevate your recipes with the vibrant colour, rich flavour, and health benefits of this versatile ingredient.

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