5 Ways To Serve A Brownie

At Jack & Beyond, we handmake and bake fresh brownies every single day. Our brownies are made using only the finest ingredients, including Callebaut Belgian chocolate and free-range eggs. We have delectable and irresistible flavours such as: Red Velvet; Chocolate Chip; Salted Caramel and Oreo Cookies.

5 Ways to Serve a Brownie - Title text over a picture of our delicious Red Velvet Brownies.

Our brownies are already awesome on their own, however there are a few ways that you can make the most of this experience, including:

1. Warmed up

One way to serve our brownies is to heat them up ever so slightly until they are warm and gooey throughout, and then serve them with your preferred ice cream flavour. A personal favourite of ours would be Salted Caramel, but there are many options out there to choose from.

2. Crumbled into ice cream

Brownies are the perfect topping for vanilla ice cream if you fancy an indulgent dessert. You could also top this off with some caramel or chocolate sauce for the ultimate experience.

3. Brownie Tower

Instead of a traditional tiered wedding cake, you could create a brownie tower which would be a unique showstopper as part of a wedding or another celebration. These can be finished with fresh fruit and cream or flower arrangements.

4. Brownie Sandwich

Instead of eating a brownie on its own, you can combine two together with a filling to create the ultimate brownie sandwich. The filling could be anything from peanut butter to a cream cheese filling to create a cheesecake brownie sandwich.

5. Dipped Brownies

As an idea for a party, you could cut up brownies into small fingers and display them with an arrangement of sweet dips such as different melted chocolates, a hazelnut chocolate spread or even salted caramel.


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