Can Dogs Eat Cake? How to Find the Right Treats for Your Pooch

Dogs truly are our best friends: They keep us company, cheer us up with their funny antics when we are feeling low and are just incredibly lovable. It is only natural that many dog owners want to surprise their four-legged-friend with a special treat and celebrate their birthday with a proper dog birthday cake! But is it safe for dogs to eat cake? The short answer is yes - but only the right type of cake! Learn how to find the perfect treats for your pawsome friend below. 

Why You Should Not Feed Your Dog "Human" Cake

Which dog owner does not know the following scenario? You are just about to tuck into a slice of delicious cake when your pooch appears next to the table and watches you with hungry puppy eyes. The temptation is great of course to share a bit of cake with them - how much harm can it do after all? Unfortunately this is generally a bad idea as many ingredients found in cakes for humans can cause severe illness in our canine friends.

 Hungry Dog

Hungry puppy eyes can be hard to resist

Dog with cakes

One problem is the high sugar content found especially in supermarket bought cakes. Whilst dogs can generally digest naturally occurring sugars found in fruits and vegetables, granulated sugar can cause health issues such as an upset stomach and diabetes.

And there are ingredients such as Xylitol (an artificial sweetener) and chocolate that are common in both store bought and handmade cakes which are actually highly toxic for dogs. Symptoms of poisoning can include vomiting, seizures and heart problems and therefore chocolate and sweeteners should be avoided at all cost in your dog’s diet.

The Good News? There Are Cakes Just for Dogs!

Do not call off your dog's birthday party just yet: Luckily there are plenty of recipes for dog-friendly cakes out there. Our expert bakers at Jack & Beyond have even created a whole range of baked treats for dogs including a special doggie Birthday Cake! These are made with natural ingredients like eggs, carrots, peanut butter and bananas that are easily digestible for dogs and contribute to a healthy and balanced diet.

Dog Birthday Cake   A Jack & Beyond Dog Birthday Cake

Pupcakes Peanut Butter & Banana "Wooffins"

To summarise, dogs can definitely eat cake as long as you choose birthday cakes and bakes that are labelled as dog-friendly and do not contain any ingredients that can be harmful. You will surely be rewarded with many wet doggie kisses!

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