Valentines Day at Jack and Beyond

This year at Jack and Beyond for Valentines Day, we have created a lovely range of treats which would be perfect for your significant other!

We have some of our classic Valentines cakes from last year and have added a few delicious new treats this year as well. Below we have detailed all our products, along with some background on why we decided to choose each product and their origin.


The origin of the pavlova is that it was named after a Russian ballerina, Anna Pavlova. The pavlova originated in either Australia or New Zealand, and is a dessert enjoyed year-round, whether in the summer or at Christmas time.

We decided on a Pavlova due to the lack of a similar product in most other London cake shops. Also, a pavlova is great for meeting dietary needs due to the meringue being naturally gluten free.

Our pavlova is made with a fresh cream and fruit topping, which can be served at a dinner party to wow your guests. Order your Pavlova online now!

Trump / Boris Cake

Due to the surrounding controversy of American politics, we decided to be creative with our valentine’s day designs and implement the use of our celebrity cookies.

One of these includes one of our Trump cookies and the slogan “You impeached my heart”. This is referencing the impeachment of Donald Trump, which was initiated on the 18th of December in 2019, and later acquitted in January 2020.

Another one of our designs has a Boris cookie, with the slogan “Get Valentines Day Done” which references the Brexit campaign. We also have a traditional love heart Boris design if you are looking for something special for your significant other.

Pink Meringue Hearts

Meringues have quite a romantic origin in other parts of the world, as the French word for Meringue is “Baiser” which is commonly used in parts of Germany and Austria. The meaning of this word in English is “kiss”.

Our pink meringue hearts come packaged in a small bag and are perfect as a treat on their own or sprinkled over fresh whipped cream or ice cream. They are also excellent as a small present for your significant other or a fun gift for a family friend.

We make our meringues with the French method, which gives a lovely crunchy outside yet soft and sweet inside. Order them here.

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